Sydney-based artist Gina Bruce works with a variety of media to create the haunting and ethereal images she has become known for. She has developed a keen interest in working in-situ, and enjoys returning to favourite spots time and again as a way to express the changing nature of identity and place.

Gina spends time evolving her artworks, and the themes that intrigue her recur often. She often uses observational drawings, shadow studies and line sketches to prepare her compositions ahead of time. When she approaches her canvas, however, it is quickly and decisively. Her marks are bold and purposeful, yet the overall effect is elegantly subtle and dreamily beautiful.

Gina has been in the NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize, the Sulman Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW for which she was Highly Commended and won the Waverley Art Prize. In 2018 she is in “Jamberoo Mountain Road” at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery (with works resulting from an artist residency at Jamberoo), and “Stations of the Cross” in Canberra & Sydney (curated by Doug Purnell and Chris Auckett)